Thursday, March 17, 2011

'My Best Friend's Wedding' is Flawless

One of my favorite movies, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is an ingenious story.

Made in 1997, the film features Julia Roberts, Durmot Melroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett.

"My Best Friend's Wedding"

Roberts made her character (Julianne Potter) loveable, despite her maniacal schemes, through her great acting. Mike, her long-time best friend whom she is in love with, is played by Durmot Melroney. Melroney made his character overly friendly and uniquely alluring. Everett played Julianne’s new best friend, George. He served as comedic relief and the ultimate comforter. Diaz plays Mike’s fiancé, Kimberly, who is “irritatingly perfect”. 

Julianne, Kimberly, and Mike

Julianne is on a mission to split up the wedding between her best friend of nine years, Mike, and his surprise romance, Kimberly. Julianne is used to being “the woman” in Mike’s life and wants to keep it that way.

Mike has fallen in love with the typical debutante, which is unlike him. Julianne is sure that she is the right girl for him.

Julianne and Mike

George stirs Julianne to make Mike hate Kimberly. She tries to pick out Kimberly’s flaws, but discovers that she and Mike are determined to make it work.

Julianne and George

Under pressure from a time crunch and fierce emotions, Julianne turns to desperate measures. She tries to frame Kimberly’s father by writing an e-mail to get Mike fired from his dream job. The e-mail gets sent accidentally and everything unravels.

Julianne tells Mike the truth and that he must choose between her and Kimberly.

Of course, I won’t reveal the ending because I really think this movie is a must-see. 

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is suspenseful, emotional, and sprinkled with humor. Although the music and fashion is outdated, the story is timeless. This movie rightfully receives a rating of a perfect 5 because it is a great story of making mistakes right and moving on.


  1. Classic! I love this movie. Great Review!

  2. I love all Julia Roberts movies and I couldn't agree more with your review!